Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hellweek is here...

It's the last week before our dreaded final exams at Mapua. Sigh.. I hope that I'll be able to pass all my subjects and remain as a regular.

It's so much difficult to maintain your current status as a regular you know. It takes a handful of patience, diligence and hardwork in order to achieve as such.

Right now I have a handful of projects to deal with, not counting the other quizzes that I'll be having this week.

Well, it's a usual trend at Mapua: Most professors will beat you out of the living daylights with such ardous tasks before that dreaded final week.

I can do this. Guess all it takes is a strong will, isn't it?

First Entry!

Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. This humble journal of mine will chronicle what's new with my life. This will also feature some other updates from the entertainment, tech and gaming scene.

This blog will also serve as an avenue of sorts for me to express what I truly feel. You see, there is more to life than how this boy-next-door of yours appear.

So, keep reading and enjoy!